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Klanten beoordelen FlexPower met een 8,8


Athletes worldwide

Athletes worldwide use FlexPower sports cream. What do they think of our product? You can read that in the following testimonials of FlexPower users who have been sent in through the years.

FlexPower helps me with my warm-up and loosens up all my muscles.
BRITTANY MILLER Personal Trainer en CrossFit athlete
I use FlexPower sports cream at SBV Excelsior as a kind of pre-warm-up and as a usefull cream to help my players recover faster. It helps the blood circulation, which is very nice.
MARIO MEIJER Sports physiotherapist SBV Excelsior
I do not want to feel the effect of a heat cream until I start exercising. With FlexPower is experience the heat when I need it the most. I use it regularly during my warm-up, but also when I want to recover faster.
ISABELLE BOONE CrossFit Trainer and athlete
"After I have applied FlexPower on my muscles, I feel that I can move better. I apply FlexPower before, during and after a practice. FlexPower helps me to loosen up all my muscles. Especially my hamstrings can feel hard after a workout. I can recommend FlexPower to everyone. My training buddies use it too, everyone is happy with it. "
MARIJE WEVER 800m athlete
"I am an athlete and specialized in the 100 and 200 meter sprint Last year I won the Dutch title at the 200 meter indoor. I regularly use FlexPower before I train. I hope to become one of the best in the world and FlexPower helps me with that."
LIEKE KLAVER 100m & 200m athlete
“As an athlete preparation and health are a huge part of our ability to perform at the highest level. FlexPower has helped me especially when my knees or back are sore. It alleviates the pain and quickly warms up my muscles. We have FlexPower ready in the NBA locker rooms before every game and its been a big part of players’ routine to prepare for games.”
"I use FlexPower occasionally when I suffer from something like my hamstrings for example. It really helps me to be able to exercise without the pain. "
RON VLAAR Football Player of AZ Alkmaar

Unique sportscream

FlexPower heats you up, but only when you start moving. You will experience a gradual heat. Do you hate the penetraiting smell of other muscle creams? FlexPower has a neutral and clean smell. That makes it suitable for everyone. Keep moving with FlexPower. Perfect for warm-up, performance and recovery. You can use Flexpower sportscream every day. Especially when you are an athlete! A little FlexPower sportscream can already help against stiff muscles. With the use of FlexPower you also recover faster.

  • Perfect for warming up, performance and recovery
  • Neutral, refreshing scent