• What ingredients are there in Flexpower?

    Flexpower consists of ingredients that do not irritate the skin. The pain relief components are approved according to European regulations. The cream uses substances that are natural to the body. The three essential components of Flexpower are trolamine salicylate, MSM and glucosamine.


    • What is trolamine salicylate?

    Trolamine salicylate (aspirin) is an acute analgesic. It is an organic ingredient (salt that forms between triethanolamine and salicylic acid) with many benefits:

    + Anti-inflammatory
    Salicylate reduces swelling and inflammation of muscles and joints.

    + Odorless
    Trolamine salicylate (aspirin) is an acute, odorless analgesic. Other topical analgesics, such as menthol, do have odors.

    + No side effects
    Research shows that the use of trolamine salicylate does not present any health risks.

    + Penetrating effect
    Several studies show that trolamine salicylate penetrates into the underlying muscle tissue. You must rub the cream on the skin, until it is completely absorbed.


    What is Methylsulfonylmethane (MSM)?

    The main structural molecules of the body – proteins and mucins – have one element on common: sulfur. MSM has a positive effect on the body.

    + Flexibility
    MSM improves the flexibility of joints. It contributes to the production of flexible skin and muscle tissue. This results in an increase in overall flexibility by restoring the tissues’ vitality.

    + Detoxification
    MSM makes the cells more permeable. This means that potential toxins and metabolic waste can easily be removed from the body’s cells. Essential nutrients and fluids will be transported more easily.

    + Accelerates healing process
    MSM improves the body’s ability to eliminate waste at cellular level. This releases more energy, promoting recovery.

    + Anti-inflammatory
    Due to its ability to remove metabolic waste from cells, MSM is a powerful anti-inflammatory. When used before a workout, it helps to improve flexibility, endurance and overall performance. It can be taken orally (powder, tablet, capsules) or by applying it to the skin in the form of a cream.


    What is glucosamine?

    Glucosamine is a natural substance that is present in almost all bodily tissues. This substance also has a number of important benefits.

    + Building material
    It is a building material for cartilage, which can be used for osteoarthritis, for example.

    + Detoxification
    Waste is immediately disposed and you can already feel it working when you apply it.

    + Circulation
    The warming effects highly stimulates circulation, making muscles and joints feel healthy and supple. You will be able to move freely again.


    What are Flex-Somes™?
    The cream is unique thanks to the use of Flex-Somes™. Various ingredients such as Trolamine Salicylate, MSM and Glucosamine are encapsulated in these microscopic liposomes. Flex-Somes ™ ensure optimum absorption of the ingredients through the skin. That gives Flexpower its power.


    How was Flexpower created?
    Flexpower was created in America in 2001. The goal was to develop a unique product that could support athletes during physical exercise.
    Professional sports pay a lot of attention to health, especially when it comes to nutrition. Nevertheless, oral medication is still often chosen to deal with aches. It has been scientifically proven that this is harmful to the human body. Flexpower Pain Relief Cream sought a way to effectively support top athletes without harmful effects on the body. For this, Flexpower worked closely with US athletes active in the NBA (basketball), NFL (American football) and MLB (baseball).


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